Cerebral21 Coherent Curriculum Control LMS (4Cs LMS)

The Ultimate Gateway For Better Education

The Need

The increasing range of trends, options, and un-expected occurrences has led to a rise in random and uninformed academic decisions that may not always align with the overall academic strategy which results in academic gaps or needless repetitions which in turn distorts learning quality.

The Action

Cerebral 21 addresses modern-day academic challenges by providing a Coherent Curriculum Control Data Driven Learning Management System (4Cs-DD LMS) that drives data-driven academic performance where decision makers are well-informed and where academic strategy efficiently directs diversity of learning opportunities so that schools can deliver high quality service despite unplanned disturbances.

Cerebral21 Coherent Curriculum Control Data Driven LMS (4Cs-DD LMS) is an end-to-end learning solution that understands the inter-functional relations between the academic and learning operations, and is specifically designed to recognize, store and analyze data across these areas to encourage better decision-making.

4Cs LMS is meant to enable schools manage and control coherent curriculum in other words it enables schools to establish an academic program that:

  • well organized curriculum
  • free from academic gaps and needless repetitions
  • aligned across lessons, courses, subject area, and grade levels
  • aligns learning standards (skills and concepts) and teaching, question banks, assessment, and students’ performance reports.
  • facilitates learning (in class, distant, e-learning and blended)
  • secures efficiency of mobile education
  • puts your Academic experience, standards, teaching capabilities, questions banks, assessments, standardized tests, textbooks, assignments, lessons, and instructional techniques in a measurable sustainable learning environment.
  • institutionalizes experience and skill
  • boosts the shift from teaching to learning.
  • sustains learning quality assets; meaning that experience and high-quality content stay when devoted experts leave
  • generates insightful information for more tailored curriculum, assessments and learning experience.
  • guides curriculum plan improvement from bloom lower thinking learning to bloom top thinking learning.
  • enables Cerebral21 Spiral Learning Methodology ( C21SLM) , an application model by Cerebral21 Research Dep. that employs 21st century learning best practice such as blended learning in promoting lifelong learners.


Web access and mobile application (IOS/Android) for the following users

  • Teacher
  • School admin
  • Student
  • parent

Having designed, developed, and tested its 4Cs-DD LMS, Cerebral21 decided to cooperated with reliable leading software companies to operate and support Cerebral21 Coherent Curriculum Control Data Driven LMS.

Cerebral21 policy is meant to secure relationship sustainability between Cerebral21 and academic partner schools. Schools can get 4Cs LMS as SAS only when they have a rigorous academic and learning program; or at least have the capability to progressively build it.