Introducing Cerebral21

Cerebral21 Company is a leading e-learning and instructional technology provider delivering top-notch instructional systems and digital transformation solutions to serve different educational institutions worldwide.

Founded by passionate multidisciplinary professionals in different fields, and with a first-class team of experts equipped with extensive knowledge and hands-on experience, Cerebral21 creates state-of-the-art instructional, operational and managerial solutions that help schools, colleges and other educational institutions stay ahead of today’s advanced challenges, and provide exceptional learning experiences for their students.

Cerebral21 instigates innovative data science to revolutionize learning and school management to promote effective functionality and efficient operational performance across the entire schooling process. Powered by Data and Analytics (D&A) based systems, our methodology defines and augment functional relations between different operational components and processes to align efforts and endorse efficiency.Cerebral21 helps institutions to deal with modern-day challenges while fostering adequate operation of processes for all stakeholders.


To deliver the highest quality instructional technology solutions that allow for scientific school education management, while providing proven curriculum and supplement resources targeting the learning needs for all students


To lead a systematic and innovative transformation in learning management systems worldwide, and empower students for a successful life journey.

Core values


We view technology as the means to revolutionize old methods and make our mark on the world by turning ideas into a reality that works for the greater good of everyone.


We believe that our creative ideas is what distinguishes us.


Scientific research is the core element upon which our methodology is built.


We commit ourselves to a strict code of ethics and high standards that ensure transparency, reliability and accountability in everything we do.

Innovative Learning

We thrive to think big and incorporate innovation into learning experiences that deliver a personalized, horizon-opening education for new generations who can live and work smarter for a better future

Continuous Improvement

We maintain our authenticity by continuously improving our methods.