With the undeniable digital transformation and the implications of modern technology on the global learning and education processes, schools have come to understand that learning is growing more and more beyond school walls. Likewise, the increasing range of trends and options has led to a rise in unexpected occurrences that in turn lead to random and uninformed decisions that may not always align with the overall strategy. This has led to the realization that schools becoming smarter and more 21st-century-like is no longer a luxury but an indispensable necessity for their endurance and sustainability.


Cerebral21 offers more than 200 services covering all the concerns of schools in 21st century.

Cerebral 21 empowers schools to become fully-automated data-driven educational institutions through the effective utilization of data and analytics (D&A) as well as the alignment between day-to-day operations and the overall strategy.

Cerebral 21 allows for efficient more productive school management and resource optimization that are reflected in increased profitability and ROI.

Cerebral21 aims to manage a precise academic achievement program that closes the gap between external international assessment and internal assessment, helping schools to take well-informed decisions based on scientific data.

Developing E-curriculum Map (ECM)

Academic Management

Interdisciplinary guidance

project/product based-learning

Concept-based learning

Standards-based learning

Content creation, Question Bank

Advanced Reporting Management

Learning needs defining Methodology

Bloom based teaching

Content creation, Educational Videos

Summer learning-loss management

Video library creation and utilization

Bloom based Assessment

Integrated STEAM programs


Flipped Classroom-based differentiation

Optimum Blended Learning utilization

Assessment Management

Learning Gab Analyses

Scientific Research methodology

Personal Project (Research) Management system

Guided Academic Achievement program

School digital data asset management

21st century best practice

Quality Accreditation documentation

Reflection Based Planning Improvement

Assessment skills

Class management skills

Auto-Responsive appraisal methodology

Curriculum Development

Bloom based teaching skills

Data analyses and information management skills

Gradebook management skills

Blended learning skills

Bloom based teaching

Content creation, Educational Videos

Reporting skills

21st century best practice

Video library management

Learning loss management skills

Examination Management skills

Differentiated learning environments mastery

Project-based education skills

On line teaching skills

Learning Gab Analyses

Digital content creation skills

Concept-based education skills

Ed videos skills

Professional development management skills

21st century best practice

Standards based education skills

Cerebral 21 addresses modern-day school challenges by providing a collaborative state-of-the-art system that drives a smart data-driven operational performance where decision-makers at all levels are well-informed and where strategy efficiently directs daily practices.

Since an ambitious organization needs knowledge of the past to predict and direct its future, Cerebral21 employs an effective Data Warehouse that enables the institution to tell its history through data. Cerebral 21 aims to shift data ownership and decision-making methodology by changing the way data is managed. By doing so, decisions will not rely merely on experts and their judgment, school digital data asset, SDDA, will be for the first time the experience of the place itself, the lab where lots of research and discoveries lead to more innovations and improvements that for sure would be a new source of income and profitability.

Cerebral 21 distinguishes three domains of school data collection that can be used as the basis for indicators of a school’s success and progress. Data in the first domain is generated by the institution’s core academic processes of creating and maintaining a learning environment.  The second domain covers data generated by the broad application of technology in daily school operations. The third domain mainly covers the institution’s hard “capital” assets represented in ERP data.

Cerebral 21 technology recognizes any size of data related to the KPIs defined by school leaders, analyses this data, and stores it

… the more data and the more patterns group them would establish school data asset, SDA, which should guide all kinds of decisions relevant to improvement and profitability





Canteen management

Bloom based teaching skills

Clinic and Health History documentation system

Fleet Management system

Data management

Students accounts

Parents accounts

Employees accounts




E-Exam control

HR Management

Recruitment policy

Appraisal policy

Professional Development Policy

Employee KPIs

Training management

Cerebral 21 empowers schools to become fully-automated data-driven educational institutions capable of providing a unique learning environment based on a student-centered approach that allows them to grow and embrace students’ learning independence instead of struggling with it. Cerebral 21 enables educational institutions to provide second-to-none modern learning experiences for their students through an integrated set of features.

Cerebral21 helps schools to offer personalized education that cherishes differentiation and independent learning based on each student’s capacity and capabilities. Through comprehensive Data and Analytics (D&A), Cerebral 21 not only allows full automation throughout the entire learning process but also generates insightful information for more tailored curriculums, assessments, and learning experiences.

Cerebral21 documents all students’ input using a unique methodology to come up with a students’ thinking journal that serves to revolutionize the students’ own inquiry-based progress.

Learning Resources Centre concept

Blended learning

Guided practice

Independent practice

School courses 24/7

School services and support24/7

Due dates organizer

Communication 24/7

Guided Academic Achievement Programs

Students accounts

Concept based education

Standard based education

Skills based education

Diagnostic Assessment

Student’s needs defining

Extracurricular programs

High level thinking practices

Applied science support

Acceleration and adaptive STEAM programs

Interdisciplinary project-based learning

Personal project(research) management

Learner profile progress management

Gifted education support

Inquiry based learning



24/7 communication

Video conferencing

Fleet management follow up

School Digital Data Asset Management SDDAM:

Cerebral 21 aims to shift data ownership and decision-making methodology by changing the way data is managed.

Cerebral 21 :

  • Recognizes any size of data related to the KPIs defined by school leaders
  • Analyses this data
  • Stores it

Using Big Data technology, the more data and the more patterns group them would establish school data asset, SDA, which guides decisions relevant to improvement and profitability.