Guided Academic Achievement Programs

The spiral platform aims to develop a community of researchers and creative people in their specializations.

For the first time, and due to the revolutionary LMS that works according to a spiral education framework, we at Cerebral21 launch Guided Academic Achievement Programs, the first of its kind in the Middle East and maybe the world.

Guided Academic Achievement Programs are a type of courses in which the course owner, who may be the company, a trainer, a teacher, a scientist, or a coach, is responsible for not only teaching but also guiding learners in certain topics of study for one year; however, the course’s duration is practically shorter than a year. The programs aim to take learners to achieve the highest level possible in the tackled topics. This, nevertheless, could be achieved if those learners do their part rigorously.

We – at Cerebral21 – hold ourselves responsible for explaining the criteria and specs expected for those programs; and whenever a new course meets those expectations, we would gladly spiral it to you.
Learner’s trust is our value!

Spiral Academic Achievement Programs

Grammar for Reasoning and Communication Skills, School Level ( Registration is in progress) :

  • Students in National Arabic Schools
  • Students in National Language School
  • Students in International American Education
  • Students Moving from National system to international system

Course Description:

Twenty Chapters tackle almost all grammar needed in academic study. The Program is meant not only to help learners in academic study but also to develop their communication skills and thinking skills. After a three-month study, learners are expected to express their thoughts in a meaningful language and to show significant improvement in their analytical skills. The program is constructed to develop critical thinking skills every time a topic is introduced. Learners are given enough time as well as opportunities to understand, practice, apply and review the topic at hand. Enough drills are implemented to ensure that learners assimilate the introduced knowledge in a way that enables them to remember concepts for years or even for life. Designing the program, we put into consideration learning loss problems and managed to find solutions that handle those problems in an effective way. Information is provided to each learner in a way that accords with his/ her own needs and capabilities. I hope that I would produce more Spiral Academic Achievement Programs soon.

Grammar for Reasoning and Communication Skills, College Level ( Registration is in progress)

  •  To be teachers of English
  •  Fresh graduates
  • All students do post-graduate studies in English

Cerebral21 Spiral Education Framework

Does Education Ever End?

For those who answer “No”, what then would be the school role? This is exactly what Cerebral21 Spiral Education Framework does. The framework helps schools produce life-long learners.