The New Era of Education Management

The Building Blocks of Cerebral21 Adaptive Solutions

The first step towards being a Cerebral21 Ed-institution involves having Cerebral21 technology in place. Cerebral 21 is an end-to-end solution that fully understands the inter-functional relations between the entire range of educational operations. Cerebral21 framework is designed to recognize, store and analyse data across different areas to encourage better decision-making.

The curriculum for smart classes in Cerebral21 is designed for all-round development of students. It is framed in a unique way to integrate knowledge and skills with research and project-based learning to ensure balanced and comprehensive development. Cerebral 21 supports all types of digital content at all levels maintaining excellent UE and friendly environment.

The teaching methods in Smart Schools are student-centric. The teachers can use a variety of multimedia tools and materials for the development of students’ abilities and talent. For example, Cerebral 21 enables teachers to add any material and control it according to the teaching methodology that best fits each student and assess student’s learning and do any improvement till LOs are achieved for each student.

Digital environment of Cerebral 21 gives freedom never existed in planning and teaching a lesson in a traditional system and allows for blending in learning strategies for more effective and efficient knowledge transfer. Many features to create learning experience that focuses on explaining why before telling what in order to convince students, not to force them.

Assessment in an educational system is as important as the teaching-learning process. Cerebral21 maintains continuous, comprehensive, and integral assessment that secures accurate feedback and performance tracking of each learner.

“Data is the new oil” has become a common refrain. The data driven school model is by nature one of continuous optimization, as a continuous input flow of data is generated, analysed, and used as a basis for decision making. Cerebral 21 methodology offers schools and educational institutions a plethora of innovative features that serve a broad spectrum of managerial, administrative and educational functionalities.