Why cerebral21

Cerebral21 Spiral Education Framework

Does Education Ever End?

For those who answer “No”, what then would be the school role? This is exactly what Cerebral21 Spiral Education Framework does. The framework helps schools produce life-long learners.

Data Driven Methodology

Data & Analytics:

We empower schools to become smarter & operationally efficient by collecting & analyzing data to produce informative insights for better decision-making.

Evidence-based Reporting and Governance:

We ensure that students’ grades truly reflect their learning by using proficiency scales that accurately assess performance & academic growth.

Profitability & ROI:

We enable schools to become fully-automated data-driven entities with seamless synchronization of different functions to boost profitability & maximize ROI.

Cerebral21 Technology


Serverless, highly scalable, and cost-effective cloud data warehouse designed for business agility


School digital data asset management supporting

The Feel and Functionality:

Aiming to produce an inviting and efficient experience for users, we carefully consider every visual, interactive element- including buttons, icons, spacing, typography, color schemes, imagery, and responsive design.


We maintain a consistent, coherent, and artistically pleasing design meant to visually guide learners to accomplish their desired tasks without confusion!

Adaptive Solution:

Cerebral21 provides an end-to-end smart scalable solution that covers the entire school management, operational and educational processes.


Cerebral21 uses virtual connectedness to boost functionality in all directions.

Adaptive Engagement

Each educational institution can benefit from the system according to its own needs and strategy. In all cases, the system is function-based wherever used.

Strategy Alignment

To guarantee strategy alignment with daily practices, we empower smart data-driven management where strategy efficiently directs daily practices.